Lindsay Ackerman is a Witch – Page 70 Test

The page 70 Test (or 69th if you don’t count the title page) is far enough into a book to give a prospective reading a better snapshot of the entire book’s style.  For more info on this check out these two blogs: and

Below is my 70th page of Lindsay Ackerman is a Witch.  Let me know what you think!  Would you want to read my full novel?


Lindsay Ackerman is a Witch

Page 70

By D. A. Niel


The floor went first, then Nora, then me just inches away from her. In the fall I wrapped my arms around her and rotated so I would be under her to take the brunt of the impact.  Once I had Nora in my arms, I lost my concentration on the dome and it vanished.  Our eyes met in the briefest of seconds but I saw she still had life in her dark brown eyes.

We hit the kitchen island hard and what little wind I had was knocked out of me.  I tried to catch my breath but only felt scorching heat fill my lungs.  The ceiling was falling down all around us.  The kitchen was being ravaged by fire.  I had to get us out, air or no air.  There wasn’t any more time.

The fall had knocked Nora unconscious and I could see she was bleeding from her head.  I gathered her limp body up into my arms.  The front door was no longer there and in its place, fire.  I had no other exit route except the bay window in the kitchen.  It didn’t open.  That didn’t matter.  Protecting Nora as much as I could, I burst through the bay window in a glitter of glass, with the flames of the fire following us feeding on the outside air.

We hit the front porch, bounced through the railing, and in a heap landed in the front yard to the yells of my parents and neighbors.  Right before the chaos all around me turned black, I heard the sirens of approaching fire trucks and at the edge of our yard I saw Lindsay standing there with that pompous smirk on her face, waving her little finger at me.


            I woke up to sunlight streaming through an unfamiliar window lined with three vases of flowers.  The beams of sunlight sparkled off the floating dust motes.  There was a strong antiseptic, clinical smell in the air and it burned to breathe.  There were tiny beeps going off at intermittent variables.  I felt tethered and saw I was hooked up to an IV line, heart rate monitor, and oxygen tubes.  I was in the hospital.

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